Roofblock the masonry roof overhang built to last
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At long last the age-old problem of constructing and maintaining wood based roof overhangs is now a thing of the past with the Award Winning masonry roof overhang - RoofBLOCK.

Instead of building in obsolescence with timber or uPVC, RoofBLOCK a high quality one-piece fascia and soffit block provides an inexpensive roof overhang in durable masonry that is non-combustible and unsusceptible to rot or insect attack.

Totally maintenance-free, RoofBLOCK will never need replacing and is suitable for all roof types, creating inspiring roofing details easily and in a wide variety of colours to enhance your home for years to come.

Call in the UK -028 9181 8285-------- PHOTO GALLERY ------Republic of Ireland -048 9181 8285

Bathstone Roofblock around the top of a bay window Granite grey Roofblock all around the edge of a roof
Yorkstone yellow Roofblock at brick gable corner Yorkstone yellow Roofblock at dashed gable corner
Yorkstone Roofblock on gable and side peak Granite grey Roofblock on a large house
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