Roofblock the masonry roof overhang built to last
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CIOB innovation award winner
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Judges Citation: 'RoofBLOCK' is a significant building innovation that provides a solution to a long standing problem. It is well engineered and constructed from traditional materials with the potential for high lifecycle performance.

Roof BLOCK OFFERS SUBSTANTIAL BENEFITS OVER CONVENTIONAL ROOF OVERHANGS The enduring properties of masonry roof overhangs have been known about for centuries. Instead of building in obsolescence between the roof and walls with wood or plastic boards fixed to supporting timbers which can decay, Roof BLOCK's one-piece fascia & soffit in high quality masonry provides an attractive feature that will now last for the whole life of the building and will improve with age to enhance your home.
Roofblock roof corner cut away illustration
rotten roof edge timber
" Very impressed with the RoofBLOCK system for speed of construction, ease of use and looks absolutely fantastic" Kennedy Contractors Ltd

The roof of a building is its most important feature, but all too soon after its completion the structure begins to show signs of early deterioration due to the difficulties experienced with the traditional method of constructing timber based roof overhangs.

Everyone has seen unsightly, flaking paint and rotting exterior wood, but hidden from view,  the supporting roof timbers are often poorly constructed which only adds to future maintenance costs and if these defects are neglected - as is so often the case, they will soon lead to more costly repairs or even to total replacement.

Cladding the overhang in uPVC is only a short-term measure as UV radiation in sunlight constantly degrades it. Hidden behind the nailed up plastic boards is a timber backing to support the uPVC to prevent buckling in the heat which is more vulnerable to mould growth as it sweats behind it and eventually both will need to be replaced early.

Roof BLOCK is simply bedded in mortar by the bricklayer at the top of the outside wall all around the building to provide a masonry overhang for any type of roof, helping to properly fire-proof  the tops of the cavity wall against the spread of flames to the main structural roof timbers.

As well as creating a decorative feature to the top of the building, with the expected high winds due to global warming Roof BLOCK provides a solid base up the  gables to firmly bond the vulnerable edge of the roof in place ensuring that the rest of it stays in place thus providing a more durable and sustainable roof construction for future generations.

loose roof edge tile mortar
discoloured plastic bargeboard corner
Yorkstone RoofBLOCK on stone wall house
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